Ecstasy (not the drug)

The “mission” or the search for freedom is the priority of the
masculine, whereas the search for love is the priority of the feminine.
This is why people with masculine essences would rather
watch a football game or boxing match on TV than a love story.
Sports are all about achieving freedom, such as by breaking free
of your opponent’s tackle or barrage of punches, and about succeeding
at your mission, by carrying the ball into the end zone
or remaining standing after 10 rounds. For the masculine, mission,
competition, and putting it all on the line (indeed, facing
death), are all forms of ecstasy. Witness the masculine popularity
of war stories, dangerous heroism, and sports playoffs.
But, for the feminine, the search for love touches the core.
Whether on soap operas, in love stories, or talking with friends
about relationships, the desire for love is what appears in feminine
forms of entertainment.
The feminine wants to be filled with love, and if the bliss of
real love is not forthcoming, chocolate and ice cream—or a good
romantic drama—will do. The masculine wants to feel the bliss
of a life lived at the edge, and if he doesn’t have the balls to do it
himself, he’ll watch it on TV, in sporting events, and cop shows.
-David Deida
Example of masculine ecstasy:
1988 World Series, Dodger player barely able to walk hits home run that wins the game:
1999, Brandi Chastain wins the Women’s World Cup for the USA.
Example of feminine ecstasy:
First American TV appearance of The Beatles:

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