Unio Mystica

Unio mystica is the nondual dissolution of time, space, and agency sensed as a complete identification with the absolute principle that represents All Being (usually described as God). It is a formless, dimensionless, infinite awareness typically suffused with light and ecstatic bliss as described in Western mysticism. In Jennifer Wade’s research study of transcendent intimacy in 91 subjects, it was reported by 11 individuals (12%; 7 women [13% of women] and 4 men [11% of men]).

The Third Presence

An experience of the Third is defined on the basis of a phenomenoiogicai distillation provided by Jungian analyst John R. Haule. It is a felt sense of an autonomous, invisible, impersonal field or force that seems to exist between the two lovers and to arise from their mutuality. The Third is to some extent cocreated by their union, but it is also impervious to deliberate manipulation by either partner, and cannot be reduced to them or to their relationship. It seems to exhibit its own transpersonal intelligence. Experiences of the Third occur in the here and now with intact ego boundaries, and with the exception of the Third itself, normal causal relationships among agents. Twenty-seven people (30%; 17 women [32% of women], 10 men [26% of men]) reported experiences of the Third. The sense of the Third was variously described as a nameable entity, such as the Holy Ghost; a hallowed atmosphere that produced beatific sensations and emotions; and a beneficent state of mind, likened to a state of grace. The Third was always experienced very positively and with some degree of volition in terms of the participant’s willingness to engage the state.

Here is Margot Anand’s description of her “One With God” experience:


You’re just shot into the white light. It’s not actually a portal, but a medium. The white light is God. You know you re not dead, so somehow you maintain your congruency or coherence in the process, but you’re just bathing in it. It’s so pure and it feels so good, and you’re just connected. You know that everything separate is an illusion because you’re not separate from God. The white light is communion. It’s God, Goddess, asexual, and yet it’s also homey. It’s home, that deep sense of connection with a purity, a sort of taken-for-grantedness where we don’t acknowledge how special it is because we’re just there. You only know when you come back. You know then that there’s more. —Maureen

At that moment the universe was revealing itself, and all the
secrets are there. They’re not intellectually revealed but just
known. Because we were expanding through everything. And
in all of that is contained all experience, and all knowledge
about experience. So we’re all-knowing. We’re all experience.
We’re the universe, and there is this incredible peaceful quality,
this peaceful quality. And it’s all here all the time. God is
surrounding us and in us. We really are All That Is. We are.
We are All That Is. All That Is. —Laura

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